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Written by Terry Patch Golf Writer posted in GolfTheRockies.net on Thu, Mar 3rd, 2011

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VANCOUVER ISLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada – CanadaGolf.com‘s Terry Patch recently sat down with Vancouver Island golf expert Tim Woods to find out which are the best golf courses on Vancouver Island. So, heed his advice and plan your golf packages or golf vacations accordingly!

TP: So you have been a resident in Vancouver, BC for nearly 20 years, and you play a lot of golf. What is the best part about golf on Vancouver Island?

TW: There is so much beauty here that every time I play a course I see something new. And there are a lot of courses I enjoy to play here. But I’d say the fact that the courses are so scenic that, even if I shoot poorly that day, I feel like I am accomplishing something by just enjoying the surroundings of Canada.

TP: How technical are the courses on Vancouver Island?

TW: Well, if you are a beginner there are courses for you to enjoy. And like I mentioned earlier, the scenery almost makes up for a poor round of golf – almost. But there are more than a handful of challenging courses here for a skilled golfer. Fairwinds Golf Club and Morningstar Golf Course jump to mind – if you make a mistake there, it can cost you.

TP: I’m a poor journalist and do not have a lot of money, but want to play Vancouver Island. What should I, and people like me on a budget, do?

TW: Well, there is always the lottery. Or, book a golf package with a rich friend. Those are bad jokes – I am not a rich man by any means, and I manage to play my fill of golf. Everyone’s budget is different, so I recommend doing some research and seeing what you want. Maybe you only play three spectacular courses instead of five average ones.

TP: And finally, if you could only play one more round of golf on Vancouver Island, which course would you choose?

TW: Hands down, Bear Mountain Golf Resort. There might be other places with more spectacular views but for me, I played there with my father a month before he passed away, and it was one of my favorite days I’ve had as an adult. Every time I return, it reminds me of him.

I would recommend Furry Creek as well, if you want me to take the sentimentality out of the equation.

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